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Red Lodge Karting, Newmarket
Sunday 30th October

Karting. Usually the mention of a Go Kart conjures up images of those pedal powered, four wheeled contraptions used by your five year old son/nephew.

The ones we were introduced to were 270cc, petrol powered monsters capable of 55mph!!

We signed in and paid our money and then were ushered off to the ‘fitting room’. Suffice to say racing overalls don’t flatter all who wear them but add a certain something to others…..

Robbie gave us all sealed envelopes so the team picking of eight each side was fair although it was a little bit odd that the three Hemel participants ended up in the same team!

‘Team Red’ were up first. We all expected ‘Jonnie Boy’ to qualify fastest and he didn’t disappoint – he zoomed off the grid in first position, closely followed by ‘Mad Kev’ and ‘John G’. The race was certainly a tight one, Jon set the fastest lap of just over 43 seconds. Geared up for a win, Jon spun off when trying to overtake ‘Shiny Mandy’ and it was either Kev or John who shot between the pair of them and unsettled Jon. Now in last place, he fought an unbelievable battle to finally come in third place. That is certainly commendable, especially as he had some serious catching up to do.

Kev was first all the way until the very final lap when John shot past him to take the win.

‘Team Red’ had the weather with them and the track was dry right until the very end. And then…..

It was time for ‘Team Blue’ to take the track just as the heavens opened!!

Qualifying was certainly interesting, I managed to take last place on the grid – I can only put it down to being a careful female driver!

The lights turned green and we all shot off only to fall at the first hurdle and everyone of us spun on the first sign of having to turn the wheels – it was carnage. The second corner wasn’t much better, I spun again only to see ‘Shiny Steve’ coming towards me faster than I would have liked…contact! (Ooooooh I felt that).

Gradually we all got the hang of it. Difficult it certainly was and I believe we Had More Fun than ‘Team Red’ doing it in the dry. Suffice to say, the Eastern Region Has More Fun when it’s raining!.

After lots of spins and lots of tail out action, ‘The Man from Priory’ – Richard took the honours with ‘Roadster Robbie’ close behind and ‘Shiny Steve’ in third. I finished sixth and set the fourth fastest lap (faster than ‘DAZMAZ’).

Congratulations to those who received a trophy and thanks so much to everyone who came and made it a brilliant day.

This month has been absolutely brilliant, but I think it’s time to take a bath and soothe the poorly aching muscles.

Here’s to our next ‘Motorsport Month’….

2005 Kendra Dixon Eastern Region



race 1 the (the red race) in the dry mostly..
1 john g Hemel
2 Mad Kev Eastern
3 Jonnie Boy Eastern
4 california2 Eastern
5 lizwal Hemel
6 neil aka dad matt Eastern
7 katz Hemel
8 shiny Mandy Eastern

race 2 (the blue race) in the wet..
1 Richard Eastern
2 roadster robbie Eastern
3 shiny steve Eastern
4 martin Eastern
5 dazmaz Eastern
6 kendra Eastern
7 GazzaK Eastern
8 kenward Eastern

Kendra & Robbie.


Jon's Photo Album and Martin's Album

Many thanks to the contributors of the above photographs.


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