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National Rally
National Rally
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Owners Club National Rally
Linconshire Showground
Weekend Event & Camping
Snape Maltings - Eastern Region have more fun!

The National rally also saw the unveiling of the Eastern Region track day car, "Project Merlot". Hopefully more info on that at a later date..

Full report to follow but here is the list of winners and some photos of the event, including a few candid shots from the campsite on the Saturday night, you have been warned !

Winner Best Kept Mk 1

Steve Hider

Winner Best Kept Mk 2

Jamie Tink

Winner Best Kept Mk 3

Steve Alleyne

Winner - Hot Mk 2/2.5

Matt Barber

Winner - Cool Mk1

Adrian Neill

Winner - Rob Beckwith Memorial Trophy

Steve Hider

Winner - Car Gymkhana

Robbie Marsh

Winner - Feel the part competition

Jamie Tink

Martin Curtis

See the official website:- http://nationalrally.mx5oc.co.uk/

Photo Albums: Jamie's, Martin's, Smiffy's, Jon's, Shiney Steve's & Martin Fox's

Many thanks to the contributors of the above photographs.

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