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Sunday June 11th
Navigate in teams around Norfolk
Muckleburgh Collection Military Museum

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, SUN. Yes at last we have had a sunny run and rumours that former Area Coordinator Geoff had in fact taken it all with him to Australia were obviously unfounded.

The start point was West Stow Country Park and the final destination was to be the Muckleburgh Collection Military Museum on the North Norfolk Coast. Between the two destinations however lay some 80 miles of road to be navigated, not via the usual directions but by Robbie’s speciality; Tulip Diagram’s of each and every critical junction.

18 cars left in ones and twos at intervals to give everybody the chance to use their own navigational skills and follow Robbie’s route. There was a prize on offer for the person who navigated by the most accurate route and matched Robbie’s mileage. The route started through some of the forests on the Suffolk Norfolk border before taking us in to West Norfolk, an area with plenty of twisty and very quiet roads. We eventually arrive at the sea and headed West along the beautiful be fairly busy coast road through Blakeney and Wells next the Sea. At intervals everyone eventually arrived at the Museum where we got preferential parking on the meadow outside the entrance under the shadow of various bits of military hardware. Picnics were had and everyone’s total mileage was calculated.

A few then headed home and the rest headed into the museum first to watch a tank driving demonstration followed then by a B line for the café for much needed cold drinks and ice cream. The final challenge was a high speed off road ride in the museums 6 wheel drive articulated Gamma Goat across some of the off road tank course. One or two people looked just a little bit green to me when they got off!

A cracking day out was had by all with huge thanks to Robbie for the route planning which I know he had to drive on quite a few occasions to fine tune the detailed, and as it turned, out, very accurate directions.

And who won the mileage competition? Well to be honest Robbie had done such a good job of the directions everyone’s mileage was almost identical as no one had made any unscheduled diversions. And with such cracking weather and an MX-5 we all came out winners today.

Martin Curtis ©


Martin's Photo Album and the Movie!

Many thanks to the contributors of the above photographs.

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