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Tech Day One
Eastern Region Tech Day - March 2006 :
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Sunday 5th March


The first Eastern Region Tech Day of 2006 took place on Sunday 5 March at Priory Garage, the home of Priory Fives, in Cambridge.  The day started at 9.00am and some members were still working up to about 7.15pm!  A long day indeed, particularly for Robbie Marsh who as the man who had the keys to the workshop was there the whole time and as usual at a Tech Day was attempting to oversee all the more challenging jobs throughout that time.  But it was not just the Eastern Region who were getting stuck in as we had several guests as well from both the Chiltern Area and North Thames Region also getting their hands dirty and had visits from several other, old, new and prospective members.

As well as the usual fluid changes this Tech Day features a whole load of other, in some cases quite complicated projects including; a new hood for Gary Smith’s car which took about 7 hours work and about 6 people to close on completion as the new vinyl was just a bit taught, Chris Woodger and me both took on fitting new lower springs to our respective cars although I have to confess I had a lot of help!, Gordon Picket fitted stainless steel brake hoses and John Gamston new soft foam bump stops. 

An excellent day made even better by the cakes and sausage rolls etc. kindly donated to keep us fed during the day.  The biggest thanks has to go to Robbie who never fails to have a solution for even the most taxing off technical problems even if on one occasion the solution involved the use of a very large hammer !

Thanks also to Mark Goddard at Priory Garage for allowing us the use of the premises and all present expressed their regret that Priory is so soon to be no longer.  So the next Tech Day is already scheduled for 1 October, venue to be advised.  


Louder, and now, lower….

Photo Albums: - Martin, Jon & Chris.

Many thanks to the contributors of the above photographs.


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