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Fuse Boxes
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Fuse Boxes
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Sooner or later your MX5 will blow a fuse and unless you have read this page, you may experience some difficulty in finding the offending one.

The reason for this is that the MX5 has two fuse boxes.

The first one is handily situated in the engine bay just in front of the driver and in most cases has the fuses nicely labelled in English. I've included a diagram for these fuses in case some are labelled in Japanese or in case the fuse box cover is missing.

Engine Bay Fuse Box

The second fuse box is in an extremely awkward place and, on Japanese imported models, is labeled in Japanese (didn't they know the cars would be exported to NZ later?). You have to be a bit of a contortionist to get to this fuse box as it is under the dash board, above the accelerator pedal against the right hand wall.

The cover should contain a spare fuse and a fuse remover (little black clothes peg looking thing). The fuses in this box are of the more conventional blade type and cost less than 50p each from a number of outlets. Obviously, replace the fuse with the correct type and current rating. If your fuse is the correct type and keeps blowing, there is a problem somewhere. Don't just put in a bigger fuse!

Footwell Fuse Box

Thanks to the MX5 club of New Zealand for the above info


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